Kwikfynd Privacy Policy

The website ("the website") is operated by KWIKCORP PTY LTD (ACN 145 004 575) being licensed to use the trademark Kwikfynd (hereinafter referred to as "Kwikfynd").

The privacy policy of Kwikfynd has been adopted to put in place procedures and methodologies to provide privacy to clients of Kwikfynd and users of the web site and satellite sites in regard to their personal information.

You by using the web site, or entering into any form of agreement with Kwikfynd in relation to the web site or any other satellite or associated web sites, acknowledge that You have agreed to the collection, use, disclosure and handling of your personal information in accordance with, the Kwikfynd Privacy Policy and any terms contained herein. The Kwikfynd Privacy Policy is in addition to any other terms and conditions applicable to the web site and should be read in conjunction with such terms.

Kwikfynd reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify, vary, amend or remove the Kwikfynd Privacy Policy or any part thereof at any time. You should periodically read and update yourself on the Kwikfynd Privacy Policy.

A. Kwikfynd Privacy Policy

  1. Kwikfynd in dealing with its clients and web site users may obtain personal information which may include personal information described below:

    Personal Information” includes but is not limited to:-

    1. Personal information provided by You including your name, address, email address, contact numbers, credit or debit card details or personal information provided by filling in forms or completing questions on the web site.
    2. Personal information provided by You concerning your clients including their names, addresses, email addresses, contact numbers, credit or debit card details or personal information provided by filling in forms or completing questions on the web site.
    3. Copies of correspondence in hard copy or electronic format sent by You;
    4. Application for credit information;
    5. Contact details and profile photographs of Client real estate agents.
    6. Information derived from your completion of surveys that Kwikfynd may use for research purposes.
    7. Details of transactions you carry out through the web site.
    8. Details of your visits to the web site including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data and the resources that you access.
  2. You hereby acknowledge, agree and provide consent that Kwikfynd may use personal information provided by You:-
    1. To ensure that content from the web site is presented in the most effective manner for You and for your computer.
    2. To provide a better service to you,
    3. To assist in pre-populating fields or forms on the web site
    4. To provide You requested service information, products or services.
    5. To provide You with information about offers, promotions, goods or services, which Kwikfynd determines may be of interest to You.
    6. To share with other Kwikfynd service providers and other third parties so that they can contact You directly about their offers, promotions, goods or services.
    7. To notify You of changes in the web page, changes in policies or user terms and to remind you of password or user names.
    8. To allow You to participate in interactive features.
    9. To process credit cards, debit cards, payment systems or credit applications.
    10. To submit enquiries concerning a product made by You to a relevant advertiser client of Kwikfynd being a supplier who will then and thereafter be responsible for such information.
    11. To submit to relevant public authorities having powers to demand or request the information.
    12. To any law enforcement agency where Kwikfynd is of the view that criminal or threatened criminal acts have occurred and such information has a connection with such activities.
    13. To provide to the legal representatives of Kwikfynd or other concerned parties, in circumstances where Kwikfynd has reason to believe that disclosing your personal information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against anyone damaging, injuring, or interfering (intentionally or unintentionally) the rights or property of Kwikfynd, or anyone else who could be harmed by such activities.
    14. To provide parties in circumstances where Kwikfynd in good faith believes it is acting in accordance with the law to make such disclosure.
    15. To undertake credit checks or provide credit agencies or finance providers with your information should you apply for credit.
    16. To third parties who have appropriate confidentiality arrangements with Kwikfynd which undertake statistical and research analysis and provision of results in global integrated form without personal identification of customers or clients in such information outputs.
    17. To be provided to owners or licensors of servers in Australia or overseas to enable the storage of data or the operation of the web site or any associated web sites.
    18. To any purchaser or assignee of the rights relating to the web site provided such purchaser or assignee has agreed to be bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, including the National Privacy Principles, and any other applicable privacy laws in Australia.
    19. To any Licensor to Kwikfynd for the use of the web site or the Kwikfynd systems comprising of various forms of intellectual property including but not limited to trademarks, copyright and source and software codes.
    20. To any related company of Kwikfynd or any associate of Kwikfynd who have undertaken to comply with the protection of the personal information in conformity with these terms and/or this Kwikfynd Privacy Policy.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that Kwikfynd shall not be responsible in any way for the use of personal information provided to a third party in accordance with (j) above and such third party shall themselves be responsible for compliance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, including the National Privacy Principles, and any other applicable privacy laws in Australia.
  4. You acknowledge that software known as “Cookies” may be used to collect data and information from You when accessing the web site or any satellite web site of Kwikfynd. The Cookies may record data concerning your usage of the web site including but not limited to pages down-loaded from the web site, exit links, browser details, your location details and your recurrence of visiting the web site.
  5. You further agree and acknowledge to the extent permitted by the law, that Kwikfynd shall not be liable for any consequential economic or financial loss arising from the release, unauthorised access, unauthorised use or distribution of personal information of whatsoever nature or howsoever caused in breach of these terms or the Kwikfynd Privacy Policy.

B. Undertakings by Kwikfynd

  1. Subject to the above underlined limitation of liability provision, Kwikfynd agrees to the following:-
    1. Kwikfynd in collecting, handling and managing personal information (being information which can be used to identify an individual) provided directly or indirectly to Kwikfynd by clients and web site users is bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, including the National Privacy Principles, and any other applicable privacy laws in Australia.
    2. In the event of circumstances where Kwikfynd is required to transfer personal information outside Australia then Kwikfynd shall undertake to exercise reasonable endeavours to ensure that the proposed recipient of such information agrees to be subject to binding privacy obligations.
    3. If Kwikfynd becomes aware of any serious concerns concerning disclosures of personal information, unauthorised access to information or systemic problems concerning privacy protection of users and clients of the web site, Kwikfynd shall exercise, at is discretion, measures to investigate and take appropriate action for such matters.
    4. Kwikfynd will give you the opportunity to request that your information not be used for further direct marketing in the future.
    5. Kwikfynd shall exercise reasonable endeavours to ensure security on its systems after receipt of transmitted information by You.
    6. Kwikfynd shall put in place confidentiality arrangements in respect to employees ad contractors which may include such parties entering into confidentiality agreements with Kwikfynd.
    7. Kwikfynd shall exercise reasonable endeavours to keep accurate and up to date any personal information upon becoming aware that existing information is deficient or not correct and advised by You.
    8. Kwikfynd shall enable You to gain access to your personal information it holds about You, subject to certain exceptions provided for by law.

C. Contact Details

  1. Should You wish to contact Kwikfynd on any matter concerning this Privacy Policy, the use of your information or make any complaint then you should contact the following person at Kwikfynd:-

    Kwikfynd Privacy Officer
    Name:- Mrs Odette Bulic
    Tel:- 1300 610 080
    Postal:- Kwikfynd R.H.T.C
    PO Box 6337
    Rouse Hill NSW 2155